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Kensington Palace- Queen victoria- Princess Diana-The Rolling Stones- Peter Pan-Victoria & Albert-Afternoon tea- Second World War-Mick Jagger- Beyonce- Prince and Princess of Wales- London- World Aids Day-Princess Diana-Queen Victoria
Kensington Palace-London- Queen Mary-Christopher Wren-Spice Girls-Hampton Court Palace-Sir Issac Newton-William Kent-Hendel- Royal-Westfield London-Grenfell-LGBT-Shard
Orangery in kensington gardens- Africa-Istanbul-London- North pole- Enslaves Man- Asia-Black Community-School Children- Kensington Palace Learning Centr
Princess- Garden- Tree
Maharaja- Indian Stories
Pirate ship
Dragon- Drago den- Childern's Drawing
Chicken- Africa- African- African Ar-Nigeria
Under the sea- Shark- Class room- Fish
Ramadan- Jews-Eid- New York-Rosh Hashanah -Jewish New Year-Broklyn
Shopping- Grocery- Kids- Children- Mother
feast- Wedding- Muslim- Dance
Dictionary- Book cover- Poem-Poetry
Folktales-Palestine-Uyghur-War- Peace-Yemen-Middle East
Ark- Noah- Animals-
Sensitive- Bully- Girl-Painting
William Shakespear- Tempest
Market Day- Black Community- Fruit Stalls
owl- Birds
Uyghur China- Women Power-
Emir-King- Afghanistan-Middel East-Angle
Yemen- Palestine- Middle east-Stories-Tale-Camel-Tent
Plant- Bedroom- Girl-Cactus-Pot
Sensitivre-Park- Wall-Swing
upstanderDictionary for a better world
experiment-Graphic design
Peace- Chocolate box
kindness.Heart-Valentine day
hate-book design-editorial
vulnarable-disability-old age
It's UpToUs_ Climate change-Christopher Lloyd-His majesty king charls III
ark-great flood-ocean-earth
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